Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some of the Blogs I Follow and Why.

Political blog posts at Southern Beale blog can be fun to read for some of us.
The last two concern local politicians and the Obama is out to get Fox News stuff.
Read them and have a little smile or maybe you will get angry.
Personally, I think we lefties should feel so sorry for Fox, poor things. Look up the meaning of Irony and you will see how they work. (See I am still hung up on words and word play) It must be hard to find ways to look at reality and write the opposite on every story or non-story day after weary day.
Also in one of the posts Southern Beale lists a few list-keepers all Repubs. I really had not thought of political party and McCarthyism in a while but there he is a Repub.
Really I am fairly positive that pols or their staffs have lists that build through the years but most are just memories in someone's head. Do some value their bad memories so much they write them down so they can drag them out and read them over and over while figuring ways to get even? We know of some that have done so. Are we electing children?

Now on another blog I follow, All The Things I Love, for a whole change of pace read the post on books
This post also has some beautiful photos to go with it. Anyone who knows me knows how much I appreciate books and the work that goes into each and every volume.
I am scan-reading two right now. (I generally find these days I scan rather than read whole books any more. Too much instant gratification other places, maybe.
But I still love books. They are fun to see, fun to handle, and even fun to hear.
Not only those senses are involved some books have odors,not just mold, but something inexplicable.)

I can relate to these two bloggers. They are very different in writing style and in subject matter covered. However they can both be of interest.

I am sorry to report that one of my followed bloggers had a mishap, actually sounds like more that just a mishap to me. Pat, of Pat's Poetry Musings, as you can read is "Out of Commission". Fell and messed up a typist's much needed shoulder and arm.
Get better soon.

Of course, I can always recommend you read Thomas' posts. Many varied interests and an inquiring mind he will stimulate your mind too. If you like cars, politics, candy, dogs, or just about anything; you will find something in Thomas' writings.

So here you are a partial list of blogs I follow with reasons why. Just wanted to write about a few so maybe people would find something new to enjoy.


  1. I went to Pat's blog recently and I really liked it; such beautiful photos and interesting post. I thought at the time that I would go there more often. I do hope Pat is better soon.

    Thank you for plugging my blog for me twice now; you're very kind. I have not been able to write this week although I have ideas bouncing around in my poor tired head. I started to write about my son's wedding and it sort of fell apart, so I will revisit that topic. I had a couple of very good conversations with Dustin that I wanted to write about. I admire Dustin's memory and ability to express himself. I will one day get a post out of him.

    I like Southern Beale; I started to put them on my reading list awhile back and saw something shiny and......

  2. Thanks for the link-love!

    As for Fox News and conservative double-speak, I think it's all very coldly calculated. I don't feel sorry for Fox News so much as I feel sorry for the poor souls who believe that is the only "fair and balanced" news source. Poor, deluded people. Then again, you have to work hard to be in such denial.

  3. Thanks for the comment Thomas.
    Trust me I have real spells that what I want to write won't come for all the litter that floats in my head.
    I wrote this one because sometimes people want more than one writing style.
    Who knows how long Pat will be out of commission.

  4. Southern Beale.
    I was being a bit of ironic in the post.
    Many people that listen to FOX don't stop and think. Much of what those guys do is for money.
    I used to get one of the newsletters, I had to drop it as I just couldn't take it anymore.
    The ads on that newsletter and the sites were quite interesting. Get Rich Quick and really different religious ads.
    Remember some of these listeners want the wealthy and the powerful to have more as the reader and the listener believes they will be wealthy and powerful someday.
    As far as Rupert goes, the things he has done to further his own gain well...
    I guess his followers think it was ok to turn England into tabloid country and now he is doing it here also.
    If you read the first comment on the NY Times article Behind the War Between the White House and Fox, you will see the damage that they do. Sad.
    My spouse often asks restaurants to change the TV channel to keep from watching FOX and he says to scare everyone in the room.