Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Hardest Decision for Pres. Obama

Sometimes there are so many interesting things to write about I can't decide what to write at all. Under consideration lately are more on word play,and more on some of my old books. More on old-fashioned edibles such as mulberries. The war in Afghanistan nags at me constantly.

Lately too, I read and I think about the President making the terrible, the extremely hard, decision-to increase or not to increase troop levels. (Extremely hard if you have a brain and no voice from above telling you exactly what to do.)I appreciate him taking his time on this one. I appreciate the fact that President Obama has not just forged ahead quickly. Can you imagine trying to make this one? It will be a lose, lose for him. If he adds more troops, us lefties will be unhappy. If he doesn't, the right will certainly be in an uproar about his weaknesses.

Then it happened. I watched Bill Moyers' Journal again. You can watch or read it HERE. If you are not familiar with the program Mr. Moyers closes it with his "editorial" comments. Last evening he really got me and probably many other watchers. He discussed the decision President Obama is making about sending more troops to Afghanistan. When he said "let's bring back the draft...", I instantly recoiled.

Bring back the draft? I have a son who could be called; I have family members of all stripes that could be called. The Draft? How could he think such a thing? He probably doesn't have family members to worry about. I personally hate All war. Of all violent activity in which humans engage, it is the most Stupid. I understand the reactions to block a blow to self. The automatic throwing up of arms to block the blow coming at your face or once the blow has landed, the anger and the response to punch back. But war just seems to go on endlessly and after the first blows what does it serve? Not to mention the reasons for war change and who do you trust to tell you the truth. So I cannot ask for a draft for something so Ignorant.

Then it hit me. What Mr. Moyers said is truly correct. Thinking of those populations, People, in other countries being killed doesn't seem enough. Yes, we have been hiding behind others paying the priceS of war for the rest of us. Others go to war on our behalf for reasons other than the love of country we espouse, though there are those too. As was mentioned, there are those who go because there are no jobs here. There are those who go for promises of supporting family, getting health care for their families, education, "bonuses", citizenship, or even for food. I read there are some who go to belong to another type of gang, a sense of belonging. Whatever the reasons they go, they go and we are a grateful nation-sort of at least we have parades for them.

Mr. Moyers was making the point that if the draft came back the powers that be and those that like to editorialize about why we must "fix" Afghanistan would have more to answer for and to... We the people would feel more involved and demand more than words to answer for the expansions of war and the losses of our children and grandchildren.


  1. I agree with him and I have thought this before, but then I quickly put the thought away because I don't want my sons over there, and that is the point. My son Mike informed all of us at senior night that he plans to join the Army.... He sees no other way to get the education in music that he thinks he wants. I mentioned this at work and the response; there aren't many opportunities in todays economy, so many are choosing the military. It is the only option for so many kids. There are many kids that choose to live on the streets these days, too.

    I think he is correct in saying that everyone needs to face the responsibility of the war and really support the troops instead of just placing a magnetic sticker on their cars. But, the ones that are responsible will not send their children to war; they will have ways around that.

    I also think that there are many more solutions to Afghanistan then just more troops. We would not be popular in the world in the eyes of other countries, but ultimately world opinion of us will change for the worse anyway. All we are doing there is adding to the brew of worldwide unrest and ultimately war. We cannot win in the two wars that we have on our hands right now. This nation allowed an idiot to become president and we are reaping the rewards of that. Obama may not be able to bring us out of it because the idiots that put the idiot bush in office are still in there pushing buttons. I have gotten gloomy and down, but I get real sad when I think of our young having no choice in life but to go to war and die; at least that reality would be covered up by a draft.

  2. You are alert today.
    I have been trying to remember what Pres. Obama said to the UN. If you don't like us acting like the policemen of the world, then step up.
    Something like this.
    I will have to search for it.
    I think the world wants us to do something but they, like me, aren't sure exactly what.
    I do think in the cases of these two wars, or the unending "war on terror", we were and are wrong.
    I know that not all of the world governments will reason but most of the PEOPLE of the world would.

  3. Oh, I read the article about the runaways and there was a program recently about them.
    Now that is sad. I wonder if the recruiters hang out on the street corners.
    Being of a "religious" bent, I can only say God, whatever you choose, help.
    Thanks for commenting.