Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Post Script

Now a Post Script to the Cannibalizing post:
''Taking money from a program already in financial trouble is not responsible,'' LeMieux said. ''It's not fair to our seniors who paid into the program, and it's not fair to our children and grandchildren who will be burdened with massive debt obligations.'' Sen. George LeMieux of Florida as quoted in the NY Times here
The Senator is speaking of Medicare but also now worries about people being forced onto Medicaid.

These guys are good.


  1. I'm in 'wait and see' mode. Hopefully, I will be able to adapt to what ever follows--or not.

  2. Looked at your new look.
    Sure pretty.
    Do you have one of the Medicare Advantage Insurances? That is really where the cuts would be.
    Now they have to merge all the mark-ups to get to the actual legislative language.
    We shall see.