Friday, October 9, 2009

A post script to yesterday's post and...

Paul Krugmanhas a different take on what is wrong with education.

Maybe we need to examine ways for parents to make a bigger contribution to our local schools, too. Whether by running for the school boards or actually working in the classrooms, parents can push back.

Congratulations to our President on the Nobel Prize.


  1. I couldn't get that link to work but I will google it later. I went to Grandparents day for Josie and was amazed to learn how much daily parental involvement is taking place at her school. She is in 5th grade. They have come a long way in White Co since my boys were in school. I couldn't get over the changes and the atmosphere in general.

  2. I am glad to know that.
    Dr. K is always interesting sorry the link wasn't working for you.
    If you are familiar with his work, he is a liberal economist. Guess what he gets to do?
    Follow G.W. at a seminar. Now that is funny.
    Maybe not to Dr. K but to many of his readers.