Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Need to Worry about Health Care Anyway

After checking some “interesting” web sites this morning it occurs to me no one need worry about the long term effects of Health Care Reform. Hang with me you'll see the logic to that statement.

A dear relative of mine sent me a link this morning (thought it was funny).
If you can stand it watch this one.
Fine phone interview with J. Ventura here but my favorite quote is from the host: “...we don't do books on Freedom Watch...” (by the way, how come I don't get a slider on this video so I can advance or go back?) the title across the bottom is Ventura searches for truth in his latest book,...
Here is Ventura talking about the Kennedy assassination. “...Dual Oswalds...” on 9/11 Mr. Ventura says if we didn't participate or didn't do anything to prevent it. (I'll buy part of it.) the book is by Mr. Ventura with DickRussell

Mr. Ventura wrote a check for six figures to pay his taxes? Wow, what happened to his accountant? How much does this guy make.

So all of this led to research of a group the same dear relative told me about. Really thinks he is funny) Turns out I had seen something on this group but didn't register it as some evil world domination thing. Wrong again. Here are three views of the groupVentura
Bilderberg Group now look at this one
Thissite is the one where they picked Pres. Obama or maybe John McCain.

Now while I was having a little research fun with all this I decided to click another link on the global research site. I found this goodie then I found this I must tell you these last two are going to sell you their startling information because the powers that be are going to take down this information any moment now. (send more money now so you will be one of the few in the know) Turns out the world organization is going to do something terrible to both Christians and Muslims:

“The event is called Project Enoch and is a high level military project designed to create a staged second coming of Christ and damage the credibility of the true doctrine of the rapture and blessed hope for christians worldwide. “ (As written on the Vision Revisited second site link previous paragraph.)

But back to my opening. We don't need to worry about Health Care or Pres. Obama past 2012 because the world, as we know it, will end in one way or another.

Well since some of you want to be serious, I give you the truth about 2012. If you read the article, you will see we may really get to have an Earth Hour, or more, of power savings.

Sometimes I wonder if we, humans, have grown-up at all. Do we still run in fear with every eclipse?
Some do, and I guess, always will. thomas has written a little about conspiracies also. (I can't remember the exact posting.)

Not Mark Twain this time:
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
A. Einstein Quote site

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Have Socialism and other Repub Things

My definition of Socialism is not too technical. Basically I call socialism the step before communism.
Both of them just have the individual basically working for the good of the whole population. Here is a partial definition of socialism: "Socialism refers to the various theories of economic organization which advocate either public or direct worker ownership and administration of the means of production and allocation of resources" link While here is a short one for Comunism: "Communism is a social structure in which classes are abolished and property is commonly controlled, as well as a political philosophy and social movement that advocates and aims to create such a society.[1]" link.

So now we have a Health Care Law. Socialistic Law? Here is an interesting link, video embedded from an investment guide.

I don't think that is how Socialism is supposed to work is it? I don't see the direct worker parts of this new law.
I admit I am not the brightest bulb so maybe I am wrong about this one.

Now let's talk about the grand old party. The Senate is "working on, debating" the next step. Not really.But the Grand Old Party is holding up any "work" the committees and subcommittees can do. John McCain, the brilliant one that gave us the "pox upon your head" Palin, said nothing else would get done this year. You thought he was blowin' hot air didn't you. Aw you know better. These guys are good.
video and text 

"In another move to block action by Democrats, Republicans invoked obscure Senate rules that prevent hearings from taking place without unanimous consent, resulting in the cancellation of a number of routine hearings Tuesday and Wednesday. " quote

Not quite as good as the 1995 shut down but let's not get to complacent. Who knows what else they will do. Don't remember the 1995 Shutdown? Here are a few things the Grand Old Party wanted to cut in the budget:

“That final provision, Mr. Clinton said in his veto message, "obligates the Government, Congress and the President to pass the Republican Congressional budget plan with its huge cuts in Medicare and Medicaid, education and technology, the environment, and its tax increases on working families." “ BATTLE OVER THE BUDGET: THE OVERVIEW;PRESIDENT VETOES STOPGAP BUDGET; SHUTDOWN LOOMS By ADAM CLYMER Published: NY Times, November 14, 1995

I guess the Grand Old Party has changed its collective mind about Medicare. here

Just on Prescription Drug law, Medicare part D:

“And unlike the Democratic bills, which won't add to the deficit, the bill George W. Bush signed was financed entirely through deficit spending. While Grassley and his colleagues accuse Democrats of harming Medicare through cost cuts, it is their bill that has done the most to hasten Medicare's coming insolvency. Between now and 2083, Medicare D's unfunded obligations amount to $7.2 trillion according to the trustees. Numbers like these prompted former Comptroller General David M. Walker to call it "... probably the most fiscally irresponsible piece of legislation since the 1960s."
Grassley is not alone in his incoherence. Of 28 current Republican senators who were in the Senate back in 2003, 24 voted for the Medicare prescription-drug benefit. Of 122 Republicans still in the House, 108 voted for it. There is not space here to fully review this hall of shame, which includes Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Mike Enzi of Wyoming, Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, and Orrin Hatch of Utah, among many others. Here is Kansas Republican Sam Brownback in 2003: "The passage of the Medicare bill fulfills a promise that we made to my parents' generation and keeps a promise to my kids' generation." Here is Brownback in 2009: "This hugely expensive bill will not lower costs and will not cover all uninsured." Here is Jon Kyl of Arizona: "As a member of the bipartisan team that crafted the Part D legislation, I am committed to ensuring its successful implementation. I will fight attempts to erode Part D coverage."* Kyl now calls Harry Reid's legislation: "a trillion-dollar bill that raises premiums, increases taxes, and raids Medicare." “ Slate

“Michael Steele racheted up the rhetoric in a last minute email urging supporters to help defeat healthcare, calling it a "headlong rush into socialism."

So there we have it Socialism and newly found GOP love of Medicare. Maybe as the grand old party gets older it appreciates the wisdom that comes with old age?

Then we have this Sneaky \little devil isn't he.

I was young and foolish then; now I am old an foolisher.

- Mark Twain, a Biography

And see this video: Bloggingheads NY Times

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Really Important Speech

I just watched a great speech. Please take time to watch it. If you can't please read the transcript.
Even if you don't have much time watch the last 4 or 5 minutes.
It is in those last 4 minutes I am reminded why HEALTH CARE is so important.
So I ask you to watch or read the speech and think, really think, why something must be done.

I admit to concern about the aftermath. Republicans are already having lawyersgear up for court cases. I knew they would but not even a little break.

Here's a little prayer that we do the right thing and that many in need improve because of what is done.
If that is a religious, socialist, conspiracy; so be it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Health Care Legislation in the House Budget Committee

This is short and sweet.
The House Budget Committee is just starting.
Ok, I wanted to watch it for many reasons. Mostly to watch the procedure and learn.
Of course, too, I wanted to see if I could learn more from both sides.
I heard the head of the Committee, John Spratt, Jr. then he turned it over to the ranking member Paul Ryan from Wisconsin for 10 minutes.
Rep. Spratt, not a great speaker, is rather laid back. Ok I handle that by doing other things while listening. Then there is Rep. Ryan. Next thing I know I am angry.
Talking to the TV in not so nice language. He repeats the same old Repub. stuff. I hear a man talking to his fellow Repubs. not giving me anything new to learn. this guy flat irritates me. I believe he is the one that talks about the rest of us just need to be better consumers. That will take care of everything-consume, consume, consume.
Now here is the next Repub. talking about his mother and her doctor and no government interference. Maybe his mother is quite young therefore not on Medicare?
anyway you can probably watch for yourself. CSpan 1 and I believe CSpan 3 are carrying the Committee.
Find out more about the Committee here
The more the Repubs. keep it up the more I want to give more to defeat them and help pass the health care bill. I wish it were stronger and more left leaning (I don't like insurance companies) but these Repubs. are so smug acting. I hope you can watch or listen.

Also read: CBO's March 11th update


Top Industries
Congressman Paul Ryan 2009 - 2010

Select cycle and data to include:

* Campaign Cmte & Leadership PAC Combined

Top 20 Industries contributing to Campaign Cmte and Leadership PAC

Industry ↓ Total ↓ Indivs ↓ PACs ↓
Insurance $102,220 $9,720 $92,500
Securities & Investment $71,900 $20,900 $51,000
Retired $71,836 $71,836 $0
Health Professionals $63,806 $12,306 $51,500
Misc Finance $37,850 $23,350 $14,500
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $32,250 $1,250 $31,000
Oil & Gas $28,600 $10,600 $18,000
Lobbyists $27,250 $26,250 $1,000
Lawyers/Law Firms $26,300 $12,800 $13,500
Accountants $25,650 $1,650 $24,000
Health Services/HMOs $22,268 $2,768 $19,500
Hospitals/Nursing Homes $19,350 $10,850 $8,500
Air Transport $18,743 $0 $18,743
Real Estate $18,650 $5,650 $13,000
Building Materials & Equipment $16,150 $10,150 $6,000
Electric Utilities $15,250 $1,500 $13,750
Retail Sales $15,200 $200 $15,000
Misc Manufacturing & Distributing $15,150 $4,150 $11,000
Beer, Wine & Liquor $15,000 $0 $15,000
Building Trade Unions $14,500 $0 $14,500

Sunday, March 7, 2010

On Frank Rich today, Hope and Trust

the mess we created
...The admission that society...rests ultimately on man-made choices and decisions invites critical scrutiny, dissent and resistance: What has been done by humans can be undone by humans. No wonder that throughout the modern era, attempts were made and continue to be made to represent the grounds for the demands of power-holders as beyond human capacity. Zygmunt Bauman
Quote site I warn you the article is a tough one to read and tougher still, for me anyway, to fully understand.

Writing on a Frank Rich Column is a tough-row-to -hoe.
As always in this week's column, Mr. Rich makes good points but at times seems to refute himself.

At the beginning of the column Mr. Rich complains about “cheesy theatrics”, yet within the rest of the column are complaints about The President's failing narratives. I would answer that these days “cheesy narratives are what works with many. This is one way to visually “frame” the support for health care reform. Maybe learned from the previous masters of “framing” and word manipulation.

The column mentions the complaints of some that the President is over-exposed in the media. I ask; how else would you have the narrative put forth? On prime time television? How many would stop to watch it? Short sound bites or appearances on variety, late night, and the Internet is what many many of the population will watch.
There can be no one clear message about what the President is doing. He must appeal to a broad spectrum. He must remind us of the moral issues involved in health care. He must explain the fiscal issues of health care both short and long term. He must explain how the health care bill would rein in the abuses of the insurance industry. He must even explain to those on Medicare that they are on a government run program. When the country is so fragmented about so many issues he must keep explaining to each group.

Then too there is gerrymandering. What a mess that is. Either the Governor or the State Legislature draws the districts after the Federal Government, using the census determines the number of representative for each state. Now think about that. The State governments are very important here and so is the Census. So be sure to use your census form as you do your vote.
But I am getting off subject here.

Perhaps the biggest error this President has made is that he tried, as a former legislator to let the legislators legislate. The people are getting it. Now he needs to see it too. Congress is too fractured. And why wouldn't they be if the voters that sent them are. Many of those sent by the voters got elected on not just national issues but on issues or maybe just one issue of import to their constituents. Whether it be health care without abortion, just get even with Wall Street, or jobs for me; how do we expect them to work together. If they vote other than what is expected at home, they will be gone. If they do nothing, they will be gone. If they vote against some big lobby, they may well be gone. That lobby can now spend lots of money and effort to get them out. Now add the Republican hard liners that just want to see the Democratic majority gone and the President to fail for spite or for power. “Houston we have a problem.”

Just look at Iraq. The NY Times has much coverage of Iraq today.
What a mess. Lately I read progressive articles on their dismay that we aren't really, really, leaving Iraq. The right, at this time, seems to be ignoring it. The left is still wanting the President to get out of Afghanistan, now. When I, who am against any war, look at the articles on the mess in Iraq right now; I wonder by what miracle can this President end both.

So Mr. Rich is right President Obama needs a powerful vision, I think he does have one, and he needs to somehow be FDR or even Reagan in a time when nobody would trust them either. Too much Hope without any Trust is what he must overcome while appealing to the fractious public.

Yes, the American public will soon be onto some other issue as Mr. Rich mentions, led by the Press, their problem au jour, or some new idol.

Yes, the President needs to communicate a narrative but I don't know that he can count on us to follow too many parts of “his larger vision”. For many reasons as I have written in previous posts, lack of education(Thomashas been posting on education), daily survival, time, feeling helpless, or just tired of it all; we can't, we don't or we won't take the time and effort to focus on more than a piece at a time. Maybe we just don't want to admit what a huge cobwebbed mess we have participated in, allowed, or enabled.

Yet, I don't know about you but my mind cannot take it all in. I am “only” human. I must rely on people smarter than I am and hope they honestly know what we are doing. Or that they honestly believe in what they will try. Hope and Trust.

Now go read this for some great, easy, reading. I wish I had written it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Officially Old

As of the first of the Month, I am now "old". That is old as I used to view it.
I received my Medicare Card. Hoorah!

My spouse and I didn't believe we would see this day. We figured Social Security would be gone by the time we hit this age. OK. We didn't really care we were helping to pay for our parents and for a short time for a grandparent or two.

But here we are.
The feeling is of freedom.

The painful forms I was expecting at the Doctor's office didn't appear. But this time I could talk to him about drug choices without worrying about the employee drug plan telling us I could not get the drug that is better unless I paid for it myself as well as their premiums. This time I could pay my part of the visit right then instead of waiting for the insurance company to drag it out and negotiate "for me". (and by the way my part is cheaper under Medicare) I feel better about that I hated for him to give me and the insurance company interest free loans every time I saw him. Yes I still have a deductible but it is not $2500 per person. Yes we are having premiums withheld from SS but nothing like what we were paying even through the company plans. The drug plan, that could tell me I had to use a step program as the drug I had taken for 2 or 3 years was not on this company's formulary; the drug plan, that got a better deal a little later so informed the spouse that they recommended that he go on the drug I was on in the first place, is gone.

Sometimes they made me feel as though I just wasn't trying hard enough to take care of myself. Well, of course, I can do better but most of the time I work hard at it.

Now as I pick my own Part D plan, not that hard. I can hunt and find one that will allow my Dr. to have more say so at the same time hunt for the best cost plan. A plan that will not just decide to turn him down really before he submits their paperwork with his reasons for giving me the non-generic form. He is the MD after all. He has lots of education and experience. I looked long and hard for good physician and paid extra high insurance premiums to see him. We can discuss cost vs. "return". I can take the one that he believes is better for me with my family background and my already somewhat blocked carotid artery

Premiums will definitely go up but the ability for my Doctor and I to work to find the best drug for my brain's sake is worth it. And since he is very familiar with Medicare he will know how to work with them too.

Now if I had my way for everyone in this U.S. of A. I would love to see somebody go back after the Drug Manufacturers. You remember those discussions about how they pay so much in R&D, NOT! (It is advertising. I wish they couldn't advertise on TV. Oops free speech?) And if I had my way, everyone would have health care as provided by good physicians and hospitals. And drugs would be reasonable. But I don't get my way and maybe this latest version of health care, "insurance", is it for now. It is better than no regulation. It will, I hope, keep the insurance companies from kicking us out for some piece of childhood information we forgot to put down on some form. Or some other so-called "pre-existing" condition. It will, I hope, keep the companies from raising our premiums by any amount they like anytime the like.

And Don't kid yourself that wonderful caring-about-us-old-folks-and-our-Medicare, which was in the main passed by Democrats, Republican party will do away with Medicare when it can. Or maybe the plan is just let it run out of money and it will be gone.

At least for now I am on that terrible government run, socialist, insurance and glad of it. So now I guess I am a cannibal eating my children and my grandchildren.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Representative Bunning is a Hold-up Artist

What else did Senator Bunning, R-KY, hold up last week? If you have a job and insurance you still may well be affected.


When Jim Bunning of Ky. decided to hold up the passage of the "Unemployment and Cobra Extension", he was putting a hold on more than that. He was holding up employment funding. here and possibly some satellite broadcasts. satellite reauthorization.
Then there is the patch for payments by Medicare Medical payments

So Here it is Noon, Guess I'll go check to see if my satellite provider is still providing some of the TV I like. Some of us live in the "boonies". We aren't offered cable. And some of the old movies just aren't the same over the Internet.

CSPAN is on Sen. Reid is angry. The Senate will be working, I use the word advisedly, this afternoon at 3 Eastern time.

This may get interesting.