Monday, March 1, 2010

Representative Bunning is a Hold-up Artist

What else did Senator Bunning, R-KY, hold up last week? If you have a job and insurance you still may well be affected.


When Jim Bunning of Ky. decided to hold up the passage of the "Unemployment and Cobra Extension", he was putting a hold on more than that. He was holding up employment funding. here and possibly some satellite broadcasts. satellite reauthorization.
Then there is the patch for payments by Medicare Medical payments

So Here it is Noon, Guess I'll go check to see if my satellite provider is still providing some of the TV I like. Some of us live in the "boonies". We aren't offered cable. And some of the old movies just aren't the same over the Internet.

CSPAN is on Sen. Reid is angry. The Senate will be working, I use the word advisedly, this afternoon at 3 Eastern time.

This may get interesting.


  1. It amazes me that these people like bunning plan to be re-elected. And, many of them will. How can the American public sit by and allow these fiascos to continue? We need to do whatever is needed to put an end to this before its too late.

  2. Bunning will not be running.
    As I read somewhere, the Republican Party was not happy with him before this one.
    After the speeches yesterday afternoon, I came away thinking there were other ways for Sen. Bunning to make his points. Amendments?
    At 4:33EST he refused again to withdraw his "hold".