Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Need to Worry about Health Care Anyway

After checking some “interesting” web sites this morning it occurs to me no one need worry about the long term effects of Health Care Reform. Hang with me you'll see the logic to that statement.

A dear relative of mine sent me a link this morning (thought it was funny).
If you can stand it watch this one.
Fine phone interview with J. Ventura here but my favorite quote is from the host: “...we don't do books on Freedom Watch...” (by the way, how come I don't get a slider on this video so I can advance or go back?) the title across the bottom is Ventura searches for truth in his latest book,...
Here is Ventura talking about the Kennedy assassination. “...Dual Oswalds...” on 9/11 Mr. Ventura says if we didn't participate or didn't do anything to prevent it. (I'll buy part of it.) the book is by Mr. Ventura with DickRussell

Mr. Ventura wrote a check for six figures to pay his taxes? Wow, what happened to his accountant? How much does this guy make.

So all of this led to research of a group the same dear relative told me about. Really thinks he is funny) Turns out I had seen something on this group but didn't register it as some evil world domination thing. Wrong again. Here are three views of the groupVentura
Bilderberg Group now look at this one
Thissite is the one where they picked Pres. Obama or maybe John McCain.

Now while I was having a little research fun with all this I decided to click another link on the global research site. I found this goodie then I found this I must tell you these last two are going to sell you their startling information because the powers that be are going to take down this information any moment now. (send more money now so you will be one of the few in the know) Turns out the world organization is going to do something terrible to both Christians and Muslims:

“The event is called Project Enoch and is a high level military project designed to create a staged second coming of Christ and damage the credibility of the true doctrine of the rapture and blessed hope for christians worldwide. “ (As written on the Vision Revisited second site link previous paragraph.)

But back to my opening. We don't need to worry about Health Care or Pres. Obama past 2012 because the world, as we know it, will end in one way or another.

Well since some of you want to be serious, I give you the truth about 2012. If you read the article, you will see we may really get to have an Earth Hour, or more, of power savings.

Sometimes I wonder if we, humans, have grown-up at all. Do we still run in fear with every eclipse?
Some do, and I guess, always will. thomas has written a little about conspiracies also. (I can't remember the exact posting.)

Not Mark Twain this time:
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
A. Einstein Quote site


  1. I laughed at the quote; I like Einstein quotes. I read recently quite a lot about the Mayan calender and the prophecies because someone at work told me about the movie. It was fun to read and there seem to be some really incredible mysteries in our world and the universe, but of course, I am not worried about it all ending or catastrophes ending all life on earth. The sun's cycles could explain a lot of the global warming thing, but even with that we all need to learn to patiently examine the evidence. I will try to get back to this a little later with some links.

  2. Thanks Thomas,
    I couldn't remember where that was when you and I were commenting about conspiracy theories.

  3. Kanna,

    I have mentioned conspiracies many times; am I a conspiracy nut? Hmm

    Anyway here is the link to one such post titled, It's You and Me, Babe

    I read an article on the sun, but that will take some time...

  4. Thanks thomas,
    I couldn't remember which of your posts it was. that was the latest one.
    I thought the solar flares article was pretty interesting and the side story about the "terrible" things that happened in 1980's.
    I really hadn't paid attention except for seeing some weird stuff was supposed to happen in 2012.
    So as I say, Health Care reform doesn't matter nor much else past the next two years. So why all the hate stuff. "Don't worry. Be Happy." Wasn't that Billy Bass?

  5. I like that song....

    I grew up in a church that followed prophecy and believed that they knew how to interpret it. The end is always near for some people. Some do not take care of themselves because they think that it doesn't matter. I don't mean to take away from your fun in this post and I do see the point that you are trying to make. (I am still chuckling about some of it) The religious right should be praying and not worried about healthcare reform either, because they believe God is control anyway.

    Anyway, I am still enjoying and thinking about your post and hope to study some of the links and ideas before the thoughts get away from me...

  6. Oh, yeah, I finally found the links to the sun cycles articles...

    Originally, I read this post at RYviewpoint, There is a link in there that takes you to the original article that is very interesting about the sun's effect on our weather and climate...

  7. Aw No.
    another theory on the sun. Someday maybe we can get theorists together and they will agree that it takes all things.
    Oh wait that is what I used to say about psych theories and treatments. No unity.
    Oops that is what I say about humans and their endeavors.
    I believe that no matter what the question all the answers, theories, have truth so why not acknowledge it. Nope that is too easy.
    I guess I will forgive you for turning the silliness into a little serious thought.
    Marks Brothers marathon I believe it is Monday eve on TCM. Now there is fun and social criticism at the same time.

  8. Gotta love Marx Brothers... I saw that was going to be on and forgot about it..

  9. Sorry, wanted to say that Duck Soup is one of my favorite movies..