Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More on We Want but...

I may have to eat my words.

As an update to my rant I add these points that may be of interest.
In my own fine state, it appears we close schools while keeping a nice tax break for large boats, I call them lake yachts. According to a report in the KC Star we cannot be sure of the costs to the state,

In the last seven years, the state auditor has asked the Revenue Department three times to come up with such a figure, but revenue officials declined, maintaining that it would “increase the burden of reporting on taxpayers.”

As recently as last month, the auditor noted that “the cost in terms of reduced state revenue for each exemption cannot be determined.”

Read more: In a time of budget cuts, yacht sales sail through untaxed in Missouri - KansasCity.com link

And go to this link for a few states that handled their budget problems differently. Just look for the section marked State Progressives in bold type. In that section will be many more links if you want to be sure of what you read.

Maybe some are willing to pay for what they want. Maybe just maybe I will have to eat my words.


  1. I read the link about the states with a better solution.. It cheered me up to know that some people think that some things are worth a little extra money or effort... Did you watch the Daily Show with the conservative convention and clips of Glen Beck? The public library point made by Jon Stewart was really great; I laughed for a while over that one.

  2. Thomas,
    thanks for the laugh.
    You are right the library bit was great.
    Now if you can find a link to laughter about my wonderful, not, state.
    I am too lazy to move or I would.
    Besides I don't think the others involved would.
    so guess I'll just rant once in a while about it.