Friday, March 19, 2010

A Really Important Speech

I just watched a great speech. Please take time to watch it. If you can't please read the transcript.
Even if you don't have much time watch the last 4 or 5 minutes.
It is in those last 4 minutes I am reminded why HEALTH CARE is so important.
So I ask you to watch or read the speech and think, really think, why something must be done.

I admit to concern about the aftermath. Republicans are already having lawyersgear up for court cases. I knew they would but not even a little break.

Here's a little prayer that we do the right thing and that many in need improve because of what is done.
If that is a religious, socialist, conspiracy; so be it.


  1. He is a great speaker, but it is more important to me that he has committed so much to this reform. I have also viewed his speech on Saturday before congress. I am impressed with all his hard work..

  2. Hi thomas,
    I almost added the Dem. speech as well.
    The Pres. was good at reminding them and us of why the health care reform is the thing to do.
    Now he has to go tell us again and again about it.
    What a job.