Sunday, October 24, 2010


I was checking Thomasthis morning and read his post on Voting or Not. I believe it was dated October 4.
So I decided to post a little thought I had on the same subject.

I will definitely vote. Why?
I must vote. Why?

In particular where I live the alternative is nothing but bad news.
My vote may not make a difference but I am sure there are many that feel the same way.
Thus, the expected low "left" turnout.

Of course here in MO we have more on which to vote than the Senatorial seat. The propositions and "initiatives" are important also. Low "left" to higher "right" turnout means we will get or not get the "right" deciding for the whole state, again.

As a "lefty", I feel let down to an extent as do many. At the same time, I feel irritated at the ads coming from the "right". Mr. Rove is good at this stuff. He and his take the truth about where the unhappiness and the cynicism of "main street" came from and blatantly lie. They count on the short memory of people and the vengeance of the "right".
They use the Robert's Court decision that a corp is a person and all its implications to excellent advantage.
(What happened to the Constitutional Amendment declaring a Corp. is a business entity not a person? I hate talking about amending the Constitution, state or federal. But there are times.)

I could just sit here with my mouth hanging open once again but I grind my teeth and decide to fight back.
The only way I can fight back is to vote.

So I will definitely vote. I must vote.


  1. Thanks for writing and linking..

    Of course, I know how you feel, or at least close to it since I live in Idaho. Here tho only way a Democrat wins is by being a Republican, so I am torn about voting for Minnick and probably won't vote for him, since it makes no difference if he is going to vote against me and other Democrats anyway.

    I have to go vote, too. I remember other elections and thinking that I did no good, but at least I could remind myself that I did vote.

  2. Hello Thomas,
    Thanks for the comment.
    I think the media has not helped again
    Rarely do you hear the stuff that got done.
    NYTimes and some others do write about it but that is like me writing for myself.
    thanks again.
    As I told a brother recently, no place to go.
    Too old so most other countries don't want me.

  3. Kanna: I remember you were keen on how authoritarianism takes hold of people. So I think you might find the following TED conference video insightful Jonathan Haidt on the moral roots of liberals and conservatives

  4. Thanks RY,
    I will check it out.
    It wasn't just authoritarianism I was "keen on".
    I am now reading slowly a book on social movements.
    I do appreciate the link because I have lost some of my research references on why people follow or lead and deny the truth or facts.
    Thanks again.