Thursday, August 5, 2010


Watch this video.

Don't think you can send someone else that will be any better.
The "I'm not an insider"s are INSIDERS.


  1. Kanna;

    I feel like I have already given up, but now, I give up. I think sometimes that they will be standing in the ruble that was once their home and wonder; why? And, how could this happen in America? I don't want to go vote because I don't see any reason to. Trading the old model in for one with more problems that doesn't work any better and costs more is just idiotic, but what can be done? Maybe new faces and names would at least make us all feel better for a while..

  2. Thomas,
    "Be careful what you wish for you may get it."
    I don't trust anyone.
    We went through the "throw the bums out" election not so long ago. We got Newt and crew.
    I did laugh at Mr. Stewart but I almost cried at what he was telling us.
    What a mess.
    And read the Times today about how they paid for the states' aid and school food programs-by cutting food stamps.
    So kids can eat a little at school but not at home?
    This lefty has given up again.