Friday, May 29, 2009

More fun with the Spring Fever Post

Sarcasm and Humor

The genius of a Twain,

The marvel of a Benton,

Wouldn't it be something

to have just half those gifts.

But, they are gone away,

the genius and the marvel.

Yet feel I so golden,

they left their gifts behind.

And they left them all for me!

By the way I call the picture on the previous post "Toad Hall"


  1. In reference to your blog yesterday, I prefer a sunny day on a porch swing with something to drink as the world goes on around me. I am more creative, I think, in the winter when I cannot get outside. Some must be genetics, but also instilled by parents and others, since I am somewhat mechanical.

    This is an email from a close relative.

  2. It sure would be something to own one quarter or even one sixteenth of their gifts--and mighty thankful I am that they left them for our edification and enjoyment. Loved this! I look forward to more.