Monday, May 10, 2010

Here We Go Again, another Battle

Well, the President has officially announced the nominee for the Supreme Court.
I dreaded this moment because I knew no matter whom he nominated there would be a fight.

I was watching CBS and Bob Schieffer put it plainly. The process from here will be contentious not because of the nominee but because of the tough election year. And it is more about not agreeing with President Obama on anything.

That really is ridiculous. But explains anything that happens politically lately.

So I dreaded President Obama having another decision or another policy to try.
What kind of people are found in "our" Congress? Self perpetuating, they hope.
Are those jobs that much fun? No. Must be money and power-yep.
When will they decide to do the right thing, no matter the elections. I would hope someone helping to make our laws would just finally say I will do what is right no matter the elections. It isn't like they won't find other jobs or make more money on the pundit circuit.

So that is why I dreaded the announcement. I still think Pres. Obama must regret getting the job and probably late at night when he is alone,considers not running again.


  1. Kanna: Those Supreme Court nominations are way too politicized. Back 30 years ago there weren't these kind of battles. Here in Canada we never have this kind of trench warfare over court appointments. The US political body has gone off the rails, but nobody discusses how and why this is so, or whether it can be fixed and how soon. That's the big tragedy.

    The key political question everybody should be addressing: How do you fix a broken system?

  2. RY,
    I am not so sure everyone wants to fix it.

    Unless, it is my way. That is the kind of thinking we have these days.

    The Supreme Court really was always political but the public didn't pay much attention. Then we got G.W. and his Justices. Oh brother.
    The length of their tenure is what is frightening. By picking the very young we will have these new Justices for a loooong time.
    They usually mellow with time and age so we can hope.

  3. Kanna, Ry;

    The right wing has made it more political. I have been hoping that the president would make the appointment about justice and not partisan politics. I think a judge, A REAL JUDGE, should be appointed, and not an ideologue that satisfies the special interests of one party or group.

    I know we want someone who will balance out the slant that the court has right now, but I don't think that is correct thinking. I don't think Justice Stevens would agree with that approach... Remember who nominated him and how he has judged matters since.

    Well, in a perfect world, anyway...

    It is true that our political system has gone off the rails, but that goes along with our financial, industrial, educational and just about every facet of life... We, as a nation seem to be off the rails. We all seem to want it our way and right now and don't get in our way. What is happening to our nation?

  4. Thomas,
    What is happening to our nation? Several things all coming together.
    One is a "revolution" similar to the industrial revolution.
    One is a "revolution" of politics. Fear of socialist thinking is being fed to "main street".
    I certainly agree with you about the financial, industrial, educational facets getting off track. If the people get educated, they might think a little and that is dangerous for the few.
    thanks for commenting.

  5. Thomas: I think the cure is not a "real judge" but a man with a big heart and the courage to do the right thing. Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren, a guy who had never been a judge to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

    Go read this bit in Wikipedia:

    Warren was a vastly more liberal justice than had been anticipated. Consequently, President Eisenhower remarked that nominating Warren for the Chief Justice seat was "the biggest damned-fool mistake I ever made."[8] Warren was able to craft a long series of landmark decisions... and it goes on to cite his famous cases including Brown vs Board of Education.

  6. Ry,
    Thanks for the comment.
    There have been Justices through time that fooled us.
    As I wrote before, many mellow with age and the hope is that most of the "newbies" do so as well.