Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bragging Rights

Am I crazy?

Reports are that Massachusetts may well send a Republican, a "no to health care" and another photogenic Republican at that, to replace Sen. Kennedy. Here is NY Times Topics on Mr. Brown OK that is pretty in your face for the Republicans. They get bragging rights for even coming close. (By the way, don't Republicans hate lawyers?) I hate to hear it though as they won't admit it is because they are good at their jobs. Instead they will say it is because the people have spoken against this and this and ...

What I can't understand is how the state that has it's own health care "reform" gets to decide for the rest of us whether we will have "reform" or not. I may not like the bills as they are but I was hoping to wait and see what the final version looked like. Oh I will, but Massachusetts gets to decide if it matters or not.

Who is running the Democratic Party-nationally or in Massachusetts? Were they asleep? How could they lose with States Atty Gen. Coakley as their candidate? Her information as in NY Times
Wasn't there a way to keep track of the Republican campaign? When the guy compared himself in some round-a-bout way to JFK, where were the folks to call him on it?Someone needs to lose their job. Probably more than one someone needs to lose jobs.I know this is a recession, no that's over, jobless recovery, but some Democrat campaign manager needs to lose his/her job.

So shame on the Dems. and shame on the Repubs. and shame on us, the easily led, ignorant voters.

And here is the Mark Twain quote for the day:
Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.
(Reference Site)

I hate to say this but maybe he got this one wrong.

As a post script here is quotation from an article about "Hardball" coverage of the two Massachusetts campaigns:
Beyond noting the obvious impact on health-care legislation, Matthews shed little light on the experience and policy positions of the two candidates. Instead, watchers of “Hardball” got to hear Coakley’s brief confusion over Schilling’s allegiance in the Yankees- Red Sox rivalry and learned that Scott Brown is a photogenic guy who travels around in a truck.

Matthews dispensed with the serious stuff. He had little interest in mentioning Coakley’s history as an aggressive prosecutor, her central role in winning settlements from contractors of Boston’s infamous Big Dig project and from Wall Street firms that engaged in deceptive practices, including $60 million from Goldman Sachs to settle allegations that it promoted unfair home loans...


  1. Reading the NY Times article I find myself in favor of Coakley, but it wasn't for me to decide. Now how could that state elect Brown? I find myself puzzled by this..

    I misunderstood your last paragraph earlier and I didn't comment because I needed time to read the linked articles. I am glad that I got to finish before I started running my mouth or more accurately- my fingers.

    You do bring some good points to this and now I have to think again and wonder about the voters in this country and hope that this is not the trend for November, but I am afraid that it will be. I have never understood voting for someone just because they are in the party, but sometimes one party is less regressive than the other.

  2. Hi Thomas,
    Thanks as always for comments.
    I was in a very sarcastic mood when writing this one-well still am.
    If you think this post was sarcastic, you should have heard what I did to the DNC caller.
    I had him laughing so hard he forgot his script. At one point he asked me if I would be willing to donate 30 or so trillion to cover the national deficit or debt, I forget which. Poor guy. But he had a good laugh,too.
    As I commented on your blog earlier, we are voting for the lesser of the evils. I am hoping some "leaders" will show up from somewhere that have the courage of my convictions. Just kidding again.