Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trying to Stay Positive and See the Steps Taken

Why haven't I written lately?
Several reasons actually. I just felt I had nothing to contribute.

Seems as though we, my family, have been somewhat in turmoil since September here. Nothing really major as far as that goes but just one of those spells. You know the spells I'm sure. One thing after another until we get worn out and then the small problems become large problems.

The roof is now done. (that even had its funny moments as well as the frustrating moments. another post?) There is some much needed reorganization done. Not nearly enough but some. I'm so tired I forget the progress made sometimes.
Some have mentioned the hectic Christmas season as the reason. Not in this case just on-going stuff and the times in which we all have been living taking their toll.

I enjoy Christmas and feel it has actually helped me get through some of this mess. I love "fluffy" Christmas movies and, some days, Christmas music. I love to watch parents that got to sneak off to shop for their kids and each other. This year I noted that people are smiling quietly. They are not laughing aloud nor are they arguing with the little kids as noted in the past. It is more low key. I really expected the stress levels to be higher but I think the bad times have been going on long enough that people are just deciding better ways to shop. I'll bet the debt levels of many families won't soar as in the previous 7-8 years.

Politically, I got very disgusted when "we" decided to send so many to Afghanistan.
I was already frustrated with the typical junk in the health-care "debate". I don't even read the NY Times right now. I just peruse the front page. I am sure many others feel the same. I had several days of "I give up" thoughts and living in a fairly red state doesn't help any. I grew up in this state and then came back years later. I have watched the changes for many years now and wonder what really happened. This is not the state for which I had such pride.
No I don't want to move out of state; I would have to move across country-politically speaking.
Not so sure the others in the family would go for it.

Another time but fun to read Mark Twain, as always, makes you smile. The site generally keeps me engrossed. I end up searching and reading with amazement at the brilliance of Mr. Twain. Thus I get lost in time. I hope you take time to read a little. My gift to you today.

Anyway, those are a few of the reasons I was not able or in the mood to post a thing.

I hope all who read this are having a good season, whether it be religious or just a beautiful December. Peace and quiet are my wishes. May all our problems be problems we can resolve by taking it one baby step at a time. I, for one, will try to remember the small positive steps we take and try to see the beauty of the world around us all. I am already forgiving myself for not getting everything done. To me, the Christmas season is a beautiful time even if I don't have cards sent or even the tree "up".

Joy to you and yours,

The photo is of a little Carolina Wren at the feeder.


  1. Kanna,

    It is a strange year; for me anyway.. I seem to be having hard time getting out and getting into the spirit. This weekend, I have been fighting a cold and it has snowed a lot, but in years past, I would have been out shopping anyway.

    Your post says a lot about how I have felt lately, I guess..

    I start to write something and then back off and go read other blogs and stuff. I can't seem to really get into anything. I need to find some inspiration or something to get me going.

    I hope to be over this cold or flu soon and then get stuff done..

    I hope you have a good season and month.. Thank you for writing your thoughts.

  2. Thomas,
    Thanks for the comment and taking time to read the post.
    I don't really have an explanation for my mood.
    Really I think I was hoping Pres. Obama would fool us and the media and announce a lessor force to send into harm's way. I doubt he does it lightly but still I had hope.

    I hope too you don't have a bad flu. No flu is good but you know what I mean.

    One more thing just happened, more of the stuff that just keeps happening, here on the hill. I know you and yours can relate.

    Our little terrier just died. His photo is on either my husband's or my Picasa site. Cutest little thing, and boy he could work me. I shall really miss him. We have had so many special 4-legged friends through the years but it never gets easier. So for a while I shall cry off and on and say goodbye to another dear friend. And I shall be grateful to have known him.

  3. I am very sorry to hear about your loss. It is a very sad and difficult thing; to lose a friend and family member like that. My dad tells of having to bury one of his with the help of a friend. He said, It is quite the sight to have two grown men crying over the grave of a dog. I have done the same thing and it is not easy. My condolences to you and your family.

  4. Thanks Thomas.
    Many people don't get it.