Monday, September 28, 2009

Researching the Defense Budget is Tough

Promises made are sometimes extremely difficult to keep. I am still trying to research defense spending and budgets. I do mean budgets.
Every time I start and restart the research I forget to read the Energy Department information too.
I get reminded that the nuclear weapons requests are not found in the defense budget. Those parts of the requests fall under the Department of Energy. Now if you just look at the table of contents for Volume 1 you will see even more separations. There are the defense sections, the non-proliferation sections, the naval reactors sections to name a few.
Why is this under the Dept. of Energy budget requests? I have my theories but I am sure they are inaccurate. I am sure that it is just because the nuclear part is energy. I am sure it has nothing to do with making the defense budget appear smaller.
Just as I am sure that the reason the war supplemental requests are not included in the defense budget is because they can't know from one year to the next what they will need. (especially when you have no plan).
I will keep trying.
I just wanted to let the readers know I am researching the costs of defense and the costs of health care.
It will just take longer than I thought.

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  1. I have never tried to look into this area. I am not sure if I know of anything anywhere on it, but I will keep my eyes open. Happy researching.

  2. Thomas,
    the budgets are online now.
    But they are the booger to read.
    Especially defense is tough because they separate things in ways with which I have a hard time following.
    I just don't think like a military person.
    Plus all the departments fight all the time over getting their share.